Hypnosis for Heartbreak

Many people struggle to overcome the pain involved in the break up of a relationship. During a hypnotherapy session  you can work on the following aspects of Truth to help with the speedy recovery of the symptoms associated with heartbreak.

1. Create awareness: Understand that the relationship is in the past and that the only reason why it’s in the present is because it’s in your thoughts. Realise the first truth- you and no one else is reliving and replaying the pain and bringing it into the present.

2.Change unproductive thoughts: You can choose how you think about a situation in your life. If you are feeling stuck in pain you have chosen unproductive thoughts. Realise the second truth- unproductive thoughts are unproductive! Reframe and realise that it was a learning experience, a growth opportunity. Now you understand the fragility of love you will choose more wisely and have a more realistic view of people and life in the future.

3.Change focus: Just like with any other addiction, how you feel depends on your choice of thoughts. Realise the third truth- you cannot feel positive by focusing on the negative.

4. You create your narrative: You write your story, no one else. By understanding this fact you can reach the conclusion that you are now free to find a more suitable partner. You have the opportunity to feel better and experience the happiness you have been looking for. Realise the forth truth- Problems are not problems. It’s your reaction to the problem that is the problem. Problems are opportunities for new things and new experiences.